Friday, September 27, 2019

Harold Rosenberg Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Harold Rosenberg - Essay Example The paper "Harold Rosenberg" discovers the works and art of Harold Rosenberg. He saw art as a laboratory where experiments were carried out on trial and error basis. He saw expressionism as a major rupture within the history of modern art, describing what was to go on the canvas as an event rather than a picture, and captured a moment or rather stayed on as a record of the moment. Even though he claimed that the New York school Paris had taken over art, his writing was still influenced by the existentialist philosophy. Clement Greenberg’s views closely shaped the works of many artists in his time. He focused his attention to the formal properties of art such as color, line and space having a rigorous approach to criticism. He introduced many ideas into the discussion in the 20th century, explaining notions such as ‘kitsch’ and pictorial ‘flatness’ and inventing concepts such as the optical space. He believed in the necessity in abstract art as a means in resisting the intrusion of politics and commerce into art. Even though he championed what had most often been regarded as avant-garde art, he saw modern art as an unfolding tradition and thereby ended up attacking many others against those values that he held dear, including Rosenberg. Greenberg, believed that adopting to modern art, is like adapting to any other change, and those who do not change, they end up being misplaced in the society because people have to move with the current trends in the world as noted by Kocur and Simon.

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