Monday, September 9, 2019

Leadership and Hero Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Leadership and Hero - Essay Example In some ways, using my own hopes and romantic ideals, I had created an America that was, perhaps, more mythical than real. I imagined, for instance, a country and a system without serious problems or difficulties. I imagined a country with perfect education and tolerance of other peoples and other cultures. I was, in effect, defining America through my own preconceptions, without having ever truly experienced the country and her culture. Once I arrived in the United States, however, this mirror was removed; to be sure, as stated by Ronald Heifetz, the realities were much different than my original impressions. I learned that America was not all that much different from other countries. To be sure, there were wonderful opportunities for education and employment; on the other hand, there was fierce competition and expensive costs. There was, contrary to my initial beliefs, a very real possibility of failure. I have also learned that one needs to experience people, places, and things first-hand in order to truly understand. We need to remove the mirror, to peel away romantic mythologies, and look at things objectively. In sum, I have learned the value of true experience and the need to be careful about relying on second-hand information. In this essay, I will describe Prometheus and why his character is such a popular hero.

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