Friday, October 4, 2019

Disciplinary Literacy Writing Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Disciplinary Literacy Writing Project - Essay Example The data results obtained need to be of no biases; thus statistical research must be officially produced under no influence of political background. For instance, many social, military decisions, economic and political decisions cannot be made without applying the statistical techniques like structuring an experiment to gain federal approval of a new medice. In any organization or at any government the initial step to any project is plan analysis. (Szabo, 118) Actuarial are always involved in many activities within the organization since they form the major part of the running of most of the organization. The major duties of the actuarial involves collecting, receiving and obtaining data then analyze the information. This is done by identifying the underlying reasons or facts of data by simplifying the information. It includes analyzing social data, economical data; evaluate the level of probability of financial risk and conducting statistical modeling. (Crews, 87) Actuarial works in many different settings thus job duties may vary from company to company. Although the government is the largest employee of the actuarial, they can work in a number of places, mostly in insurance companies, Micro finance organizations, accountancy firms, pension funds, actuarial consultants, investment funds, life assurance companies but also can work in finance, marketing, government, manufacturing companies, and health care (Crews,35 ) As an actuarial, he is involved in compiling, coding, tabulating, categorizing, auditing calculating information. Once the information is tabled, the actuarial interprets the meaning of the information to which t is concerned this is by explaining the complex mathematical data and interpreting the tables or charts or graphs for economic or social research With the present level of technology the actuarial is core role also involve in using computer

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