Sunday, November 3, 2019

Mrs. Fields' Cookies Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Mrs. Fields' Cookies - Case Study Example Expansion of business makes it excessively difficult for an entrepreneur to maintain ties with the customers and obtain immediate responses when need be. As such, customers lose the sense of belonging to the business and feel less appreciated and might avoid buying from the business thus impacting negatively on the business’ revenues and reputation. Similarly, effective communication is vital in the success of any business. Mrs. Fields’ allowed communication to take place freely irrespective of positions, a factor that can cause rumormongering and leaking of vital information that might confound the business’ operations. Effective arrangement of stock entices customers to a business. If stock is disorganized, customers tend to avert shopping in such places and sales plummets. Expansion into international markets requires that a business is acquainted with the culture, tastes and preferences of the people in the new country to avoid being rejected and circumvented by customers for violating important cultural norms. In expanding a business, one should guarantee that the touch with the customers is not lost and this can be attained by maintaining an operation level that can meritoriously be managed and pay attention to any customer feedback received. Additionally, the vine-yard communication system should be maintained to ensure that messages are passed ceremoniously and professionally to avoid misleading information from spreading. Stock should be arranged dexterously to attract customers’ attention and shun placing unconnected items on the serving counter. Finally, when expanding into new markets with different cultures, one should be able to culturally appeal to the new customers by manufacturing and offering products that are culturally acceptable as well as suit the tastes, wants and preferences. This should be ascertained by conducting an extensive cultural screening prior to

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