Wednesday, January 22, 2014

America’s Cultural Identity

In regard to cultural identity, the Statess most precise and plain manifestation of it took place during its youth, when its separation from Europe actualized. Antebellum American life is most accurately memorandumed and described by the the literature in which it birthed, scripted by the large reckon whom it raised, cover the beliefs, doctrines, standards, and will of the hatful for the democracy it intended to compass: America; an idea; a hypothetical construct; written into earthly concern by the subversive rhetoric, logic, and designings of a car park group of people with sh atomic number 18d political interests. In another(prenominal) words, they were all seeking identical freedom, liberty, and independence from the same authoritarianism and oppression; they treasured a democracy completely of the people, by the people, and genuinely for the peoplethese precepts of compassion, trustworthiness, love, equality, a sense of the common good, and an consonance through e mbraced mutation were forever instilled in us...absorbed and embraced by Americans, retaught to Americans, highly-developed by Americans, and so consequently, America was molded, and finally Americans were established, along with the innovational ideologies with which they identify and tender to; our cultural identity is simply the personification, embodiment, and order of battle of these attributes. Walt Whitman writes in the bring in to Leaves of Grass that the, United States themselves are essentially the great poem, moment that we are essentially the greatest literary achievement, having woven ourselves together, unified, solidified, as a race of races a nation of nations, Whitman would add to be the balance and, arbiter of the diverse, and, symmetricalness of the land through incorporated political and literary innovation and revolution. The original, 1855 publication of Leaves of Grass is arguably the most indicative document of antebellum American life. W hitman acknowledges his own, undreamed amou! nt of wisdom and personal...If you necessity to get a beneficial essay, order it on our website:

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