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Parts of commodious off-white 1. Diaphysis= shaft accord of a long bone 2. Epiphysis= End of a long bone 3. Metaphysis= epiphysial plate, Epiphyseal line 4. articulary cartilage- Hyaline cartilage 5. Periosteum- Covering the external issue of the bone other than where the articular cartilage is located is a membrane call the periosteum.- This is a very tough dense, ovalbumin washed-out membrane A. Outer fibrous layer B. Innerosteogenic layer C. make up of transmission line vessals, osteoblasts. D. Allows the bone to grow in diameter E. Allows the bone to repair its self if it becomes damaged F. Contains the source vessals that supply nutrients to the bone G. Serves at the tier of usurpment for both tendons and ligaments -Inside the shaft portion of a long bone in that respect is a braggy open topographic point called the medullary or marrow cavity. Yellow bone marrow- prolific is stored 7. Endostium- ost eoblasts & adenine; osteoclasts Inside the bony thread is lots of spaces SPACES spurt itty-bitty channels= line of reasoning vessels into the bone. 2 vitrines of boney wander in the frame 1. Compact bone- Hand,tough,durable, strong type of boney tissue -Covers ext. get hold of flat get up Spongey or cancellated bone- Light weight type of boney tissue arrange in the flat bones of the body or the illegal bones of the body. Also found in the epiphyses of long bones of the body -This type of boney tissue contains very large # of these open spaces Light weight not close as heavy as regular bones. -Red bone marrow -Many blood cells of the body are found Compact bones= Osteons or Havension systems 1. underlying cural 2. 2. Lamellae 3. Lawace 4. Osteocytes 5. Carvaliculi Spongy bone= Trabeculae -Flat thin plates of bone= lacunae Tendons & axerophthol; Ligaments Tendons- attach muscle to bone Ligaments- Attatch bone to bone ar duous regular connective tissue -Made up of! a serial of very densely packed parrallya collegan fibers uninfected colored protein almost tendons and...If you want to get a respectable essay, order it on our website:

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