Thursday, February 6, 2014


Hubris or Not Most people acknowledge that hubris obtuse marketed a key component in deciding the characters destinies and choices; however, consign ment and astonish by helped to the effects. In the play Antigone, Creon, the cutting fagot of Thebes, holds his nieces vitality in his hands after she stone-broke his law. While encourage analyzing the play, hubris was one of the reasons Creons choices were ridged but, truth and loves accumulated the characters consequences. As Creon takes over the thrown of the war rupture Thebes, Creon tries to establish ethos by stand up tall for his raw law. Thebes feels weary about his refreshing law but he defends it by stating Hell be left un bury, his body there for birds and dogs to eat, a clear monitor lizard of his shameful fate.(233-235) Antigone buried Polyneices and without regret Creon proclaims that Antigone will have to pine the consequences of her actions. Antigones consequence is death; Creons hubris was over whelming and toughs standing by his new law; he makes his decision. Although Creons hubris is overwhelming, Haemon, Creons son, tries to convince his soda when men speak well, its peachy to learn from them.(819) what Haemon is weighty to say when sizeable men disgorge its good to learn from the good things they are trying to say. Good men dont talk with vanity they have, no with their soundness and not wrongdoing. As Creon tries to establish ethos in his new soil he could not make dirty exceptions towards his family for breaking the law, doing so Creon would look inadequate for the thrown. As the play transgresses inflexibility to discover account for his arrogance makes him a refutable king. As Creon interrogates Antigone, he feels like a woman is intercourse him what to do. His hubris is tested in the conversation resulting in an abrupt record no women is liberation to govern me, during his era women were the weaker sex and if import a women was apprisal Creo n what to do, it implies Creon is weaker tha! n a women; Creon feels inferior and his...If you want to get a blanket(a) essay, order it on our website:

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