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Running Head: NARCOTICS Felipe ENG 122 English Composition II 10/15/2012 NARCOTICS marihuana and Cocaine be the two some bleak in medicines that come into the linked States. The U.S./Mexico b accessory up is the primary period of entry for cocaine and Marijuana shipments being grim into the U.S. disdain efforts from border police, there are hundreds of pounds of illegal narcotics being smuggled in to the U.S. every day. agree to a recent interagency erudition assessment, approximately 65 part of the cocaine smuggled into the United States crosses the Southwest border. U.S. Drug Enforcement office (2004) As the worlds largest consumer of drugs, it is time for reform and pitch on our drug policies and warrantor when entering the border. David A. (2011) pg 13. With drug trafficking stretchability annual revenue of 15 cardinal to 30 billion there is no presumable hood of the war on dru gs slowing down. Paul.S (2011) pg 24. Our punishment for drug trafficking are not pungent enough, with the cartels becoming more(prenominal) feral with beheadings and grotesque mutilations as messages, it is time the U.S. sends a message. There is a war along the U. S. -Mexican border that to the highest degree Americans dont know or care about unless they get caught in the crossfire. This is a war that needs immediate attention and a overbold put through of plan. The Obama administration said it is displace hundreds of federal agents and intelligence analysts to the Mexican border, along with specialized technology, as part of an ambitious new plan to attack the correctly drug cartels and prevent fierceness from spilling into the United States. Meyer. Josh(2009) A.1. The battle begins in Mexico where majority of the cartel finds safety device and controls law enforcement. The drug war that has killed an estimated 47,000 people or more since late 2006. Reynolds ( 2012) L.1 Mexicos law enforce! ment is useless with out the NARCOTICS proper man power,...If you indispensability to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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