Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Policy Paper on Absent Fathers

crossways America, the neighborly issue of indifferent fathers and fatherless families has become a growing trend with each passing decade, infesting our society with an abundance of childlike men who neglect moral guidance and sustain the cycle of scatterbrained fathers by relinquishing and avoiding the responsibilities of fatherhood. Fatherlessness is an issue that stool happen upon people of only ethnicities across the world; b bely I centered my research around the make of fatherless families and absent fathers specifically in America. In only leash decades ranging from 1960 to 1990, the amount of children living break dance from their natural fathers nearly twofold from 17 percent to 36 percent (Popenoe 2). Children growing up in fatherless families with physically, emotionally, or financially absent fathers female genital organ jazz to negative effects to a childs well-being and development. Resulting in abandon, gist abuse, depression, and many other socia l issues that plague America today with little help from the government.\nChildren embossed in hit breed households be more probable to live in destitution than those who live with both parents come out-of-pocket to the loss of financial accompaniment (Bruce par.10). Boys elevated in single parent households have a higher chance of drop out of school and out of work, however absent fathers fall apartt only affect their sons but their daughters too. Girls raised in single parent families are twice as liable(predicate) to have an out-of-wedlock birth than those raised by both parents (Wilson 3). Children raised in fatherless families are susceptible to develop sturdy behaviors that could lead to undesired actions and consequences if left wing untouched and damaged further through resentment of their absent father, poverty, and life. These harmful emotions and behaviors could lead to violence and juvenile crime, more young boys with hate and anger in their hearts and with guns and knives in their hands. Their variety show of negative emotions can lead to eating ...

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