Monday, February 11, 2019

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Truth an Attribute of paragonThe definition of integrity according to Websters is conformity to fact or actuality, reality, actuality. Ryrie defines fairness as agreement to that which is represented it includes veracity, faithfulness, and consistency. To say that God is straightforward is to say that he is consistent with himself. He is all that he should be he has revealed himself as he really is. His revelations are completely reliable.For human beings to find that truth is knowable to him and life does make sense, he should offset understand that all truth is known to God regardless of if it is put in the leger or other sources. Therefore, it should be called Gods truth because Colossians 23b says, are hid all treasures of wisdom and friendship. People opine that God has hid his truth from them, making it inaccessible to man so they cannot understand Gods truth. Men do not practice unplayful exegesis when the word hid is taken out of context and means, to some people , that God is concealing his truth from them. I think that Paul is trying to say that the truth about Christ is the focal center to which all other truth about everything in creation is connected. That is to say, God is truth. We are totally capable upon God to know truth because God is the creator of all things. He is our source for knowledge. God revealed both grace and truth to us by incarnating himself. Truth is unchanging and universal it is not relative but is absolute. (Holmes 8)The obsolete Testament term for truth is emeth. This is primarily ethical rather epistemological term. Truth depends on unchanging reality, is personal, cannot change, and remains the same for every season and place in creation. It is absolute. To say these things is to say that Gods knowledge is complete and perfectly true. Truth is the implication that God exist. So angiotensin-converting enzyme cannot believe in truth and believe that God is non-existence. We need a renewed commitment to the truth as found in the Scriptures and as summarized in theological and doctrinal propositions. (Phillips 26)When Pilate ask the question what is truth, the Lord answered this in the upper room when he said I am the style the truth and the life. No one should deny to Christ a personal identification with truth. Before we say we hold Christ and the Bible as central to education, we need to do some serious thinking about Gods Truth.

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