Tuesday, February 12, 2019

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Thought to be an oncogene, a gene that has dominance in transforming normal electric stalls into neoplasm cells, p53 was regarded as the most prominent tumor suppressor gene 1. P53 is a gene which signals apoptosis (programmed cell death) if a cell cannot be repaired due to an extensive amount of damage. As say in the textbook, p53 regulation occurs by an E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase known as MDM2 1. Controlling the ascendancy is a statement that describes the molecular interaction where the presence of MDM2 targets the p53 for proteosome via degradation. With three principal(prenominal) checkpoints in cell cycle, the literature states p53 functioning from G1 into S phase in a chaotic cell 2. The normal state of cells is to keep p53 levels low-spirited in order to prevent uncontrolled apoptosis and random cell cycle arrest from occurring. In a further note, although p53 promotes apoptosis and cell cycle arrest, cancer may result from p53 unable to recognize the arguable site. In turn, a mutation in p53 may result winning in new activities. These activities include cellular transformation, tumor metastasis,...

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