Wednesday, February 6, 2019

John Quincy Adams Essay -- essays research papers

tin Quincy Adams was a major influence in the history of the United States. John Quincy took part in more all-important(prenominal) events, and held more important positions than any per discussion in United States history. somewhat of the important positions he held were he was American Ministers to four different European Countries (Hague, Prussia, Russia and England), a State Senator representing Massachusetts, peace negotiator to England, a member of the domiciliate of Representatives, Secretary of the State, and President of the United States. John Quincy followed in the footsteps of his father John Adams, when he became President of the United States, but both father and son failed to win their second term as President. Although he had many successes he viewed himself as a disappointment. He did have many accomplishments during his career, but he also had a few downfalls and failures during his career. John Quincy was not the most like person in the country, but he stood up for what he melodic theme and believed in.&9There was a time in the early demo of John Quincy Adams career when he was a Senator, when many Senators careers would end because they did not follow the thought of their constituents. By this time Senate was to be a more executive council than a legislative body. If they became more of a executive council they would avail advise the President. Senate was an executive council to the President for a while, until the Federalist Party didnt agree on foreign policy, and many more polit...

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