Thursday, February 7, 2019

Outlaw Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone Now Essay example -- Argument

Outlaw Recombinant bovid ontogenesis Hormone Now For a moment, put yourself in John Elways shoes. hazard getting paid thousands of dollars to do a milk promotion. Now, would you still do the promotion if you knew the milk had come from a cow injected with hormones? The use of rBGH, Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone, has become a concern in the dairy industry. The quarrel is over whether or not the hormone is harmful to the cows and people. In animals and humans, there is a growth hormone produced. This protein hormone, produced in the pituitary gland, is native for normal growth, development, and health maintenance. It was discovered sixty years ago that by injecting cows with GH, the growth hormone extracted from cattles pituitary glands, milk production was increased. victimisation recombinant DNA processes, it became technically possible and economically feasible to produce an copiousness of rBGH, which is essentially the same as pituitary derived bGH (Rachel. Report...). On November 5, 1993, the United States regimen and Drug Administration, FDA, announced rBGH safe for use in milk cows. In February 1994, Monsanto, a chemical company, began selling its version of the drug to dairy farmers. Their socio-economic class of the drug was to increase milk production by 5% to 20% (Rachel. Hormones...). The Consumers Union, an independent, nonprofit testing and information organization serving only consumers, make claims and presented evidence that byproducts of the hormone treatment atomic number 18 weigh fit in milk and are not safe for humans or the cow (About...). Today, the Consumers Union wants genetically engineered milk to be labeled so that milk consumers are able to make an informed choice about the milk they are get (Rachel. Ho..., December 12, 2000. Monsanto. online, addressable http//, December 13, 2000. Rachel. Hormones in Milk No compensate to Know. R ACHELS Hazardous Waste News 381. online, Available http//, March 17, 1994. Rachel. disarray with Milk. Milk. online Available http//, February 29, 1996. Report on the Food and Drug Administrations reexamination of the Safety of Recombinant Bovine Somatotropin. Report on the Food and Drug Administrations reexamine of the Safety of Recombinant BGH. online, Available http//, January 21, 1999. Were Starting a Food Fight Ben & Jerrys rBGH. online, Available http//, January 7, 1997.

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