Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Outine Presentation Essay

IntroductionI. agree to a report by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizations, India has the highest people of illiterate adults at 287 millions amounting to 37% of the global total. II. By utilize of many my research, I would like to sh are with all of you the topic that I affair which is the facts of illiteracy. III. Today, I would like to focus on three interrelated issues which are causes, effects, and prevention of illiteracy. (Transition Now, lets start by taking a closer look at the trouble)BodyI. There are several(prenominal) different causes as to why illiteracy is such a problem in certain countries. A. About 29.8% of our population lies below the National destitution Line which indicates they are do not live with access to basic requirements of essential commodities including food and water. 1. Education is one of the luxuries that they cannot afford. 2. Mostly, majority of population in countries suffer from high percentage of illiteracy c omes from poor people. 3. They ordain let their children to escape from school and go to labour for work to collect gold and help them in life costs. B. Individual disabilities are person who has forcible or mental conditions that do not allow them to groom themselves easily. 1. For example, a dyslexic child will find it hard to remember the garner of the alphabet and to interpret it. 2. A blind child also fractious for them to read without assistance. (Transition Now, ladies and gentlemen I will explain my next point)II. analphabetism has apt(p) some effects towards countries and people involved. A. These can make the countries develop slowly.1. As a result of illiteracy, people find it so difficult to have a job without the ability of reading or understanding childlike documents.2. Therefore, the illiterates become a burden of society causes to make the nation poorer. B. Illiteracy also effects on people in the society.1. Illiterate parents cannot position good jobs to su pport their family and thiswill turn affects their lifestyle and their needs. 2. This also will lead to their children where their children get many of parents views and ideas to survive. 3. If parents do not feel that teaching is an important of success, these feelings will be carried over to their children. (Transition As causes and effects of illiteracy, I will continue to discuss about how to prevent illiteracy)III. We have to stand by to clear this problem which is holding back. A. Parents play important roles to educate their children.1. check to Kerka, 2003 learning styles, learning disabilities and life experience may all hand to low academic achievement or problem behavior.2. Parents need to educate their children at an early age, so their children do not fall shtup in recognizing letters and words. B. Opening new modern training centers.1. As we know, it is difficult for persons in their 40s to 60s to use the same educational method as used for children. 2. It is also to help individual disabilities to educate further.3. By using technology and modern education theories helps everyone inside educational progress.ConclusionI. As we see, illiteracy is a social evil that shall encircle our country in darkness and downfall if not curbed. II. As you know, I have centre on causes, effects, and prevention of illiteracy. III. What I have mentioned in advance about Kajani should be take strict action to make sure they can be an educated person. IV. It is also to make sure the statics I tell before can be release.

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