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Communication in Social Work Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Communication in Social Work - canvas Examplecommunication is a reciprocal process among all these factions, some of which are not also amenable to reciprocal interaction, begins to highlight why effective communication skills must be developed for a social worker to be effective. At the same time, it is important to remember that communication does not reboot to just words, but also to a whole body of unspoken language that is depicted in letters, tone of voice over the phone or body language and facial expression in face to face meetings. According to Koprowska (2005 6), The quality of the relationship and the quality of communication are deeply connected with each other Communication is by definition interactive. To help foster effective communication skills, it is stabilizing to both practice and analyse practice as a means of determining what was done swell and what could be improved upon. Toward this end, a motion picture recording of one social workers bet with a clie nt will be analysed to determine what was effective and what could be improved.The video analysed is available through Facebook, submitted by Gavin Lacey. It depicts the arrival of a social worker at the home of a young cleaning woman with two very young boys. The sound quality is poor, making it difficult at times to agnise what is being said, particularly at the beginning when the case is introduced, presumably providing the viewer with the same basic knowledge the social worker has been provided as to this particular family situation. The video spans from the social workers arrival at the apartment, through the beginning stages of the initial interview with the young woman. Rather than depicting through to the end of the interview, the video cuts off after approximately three minutes of conversation.The scenario presented in the video is that of Sylvia Walker, the social worker, visiting with Lorraine, a young woman with two young boys who has been reported as not properly ca ring for the boys. The beginning segment of

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