Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Data Collection Plan Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Data parade Plan - Assignment ExampleTied to this argon problems with regard to effective teaching methods, and strategies to support Arabic requireing. The basic methodology entails a comparison of my own teaching strategies and styles for my Arabic language class and those of some other teacher in another class. The end goal is partly to be able to understand what motivates students to learn Arabic, the psychology that drives them to pursue Arabic language learning intently. The basic question I want to resolvent is as follows What strategies are best for teaching Arabic to my students, and how do my strategies align with the motivations of my students to learn the language to cost increase themselves? To the question of the useful types of data, my answer is that data from my own classes, and the comparison with the data from the other class I have chosen, including learning outcomes and motivations as gathered from the students, ought to provide me with the reform kind of i nformation to answer the force per unit area questions of my research. To the question of the types of data already available, my answer is that data from previous studies, extensively tabulated, are already available to me, in the form of secondary research materials. To the question of the types of data I need to generate, the answer give be data on learning outcomes and similar data as from previous studies. ... n qualitative Inputs Effectiveness of strategies for learning Arabic x x x x Student Motivations for Learning Arabic x x x x Areas for Improvement in Teaching and Learning Styles X x x x Fit of Teaching Strategies to Student Aspirations and Motivations for Learning Arabic x x x x III. Narrative Connecting Matrix to Starting Point My matrix details the fundamental aims of my action research, and those aims are noteworthy as far as I am concerned for their existence open-ended and impart themselves to being answered in a broad sense. I think there ought to be a crocke d link between the teaching strategies and the motivations and inclinations of students for learning the Arabic language. Taking off from the interest answer that I got from a student, where the student sees Arabic as a road to material prosperity, it is clear to me that some of the strategies ought to condense on being able to give the students a structural understanding and mastery of the Arabic language. This functional approach lends itself to being measured via the learning outcomes of the students, and the learning outcomes of the students in the other class. The comparison ought to yield interesting insights into what works and what does not work as far as teaching styles is concerned. Also, as far as learning outcomes are concerned, it is not enough that the students pass the tests to measure learning, but that the tests should be measuring the right kinds of language competencies. In this regard, it is important that my class and the other class should agree on some serv ice line language course contents that should be similar for both classes. Both should focus on functional learning, and the teaching of Arabic that has real-world applications, such as in being able to transact business and being able to

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