Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Discussion Week 7 Question 1 Comparing Graphical and Computer-Based Assignment

Discussion Week 7 Question 1 Comparing Graphical and Computer-Based Methods - Assignment Examplethe shadow price associated with a incident constraint tells you how much the optimal value of the objective would increase per unit increase in the follow of resources available. In other words, the shadow price associated with a resource tells you how much more moolah you would fall by increasing the amount of that resource by one unit (Spivey, 2011, p. 1).It was emphasized by Taylor (2010) that the graphical radical is applicable for solving LP problems with only two (2) decision variables and could be visualized by the problem-solver period the computer-based methods allow solving problems with more than two variables and would necessitate data input requirements, either through leap out or QM for Windows.Concurrently, these two methods are similar in terms of allowing the decision-makers to evaluate the outcome or solution that was arrived at using either of the methods. Likew ise, as these methods were designed to solve LP problems, they presume that all the necessary elements or characteristics that are essential for solving LP problems must be present the objective ply (either maximize profit or minimize cost), a set of constraints, the decision variables, and finally, linearity among all constraint relationships and the objective function (Taylor, 2010, p. 57).The graphical approach could be preferred as the most viable approach to solve LP problems when in that respect are limited decision variables (at most two) and when the user needs to visualize the feasible solution area, as well as the optimal solution point. In addition, if the user is not competent or expert with computer-based programs, the graphical approach is evidently most

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