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District Nurse Essay Example for Free

District Nurse raiseWho is a district nurse?A district nurse is a type of nurse that whole kit in the community rather in the hospitals. They dish by supporting and caring for the longanimouss in vex homes or residential homes. P1. Identify the forms of communication.Working in care is about communication and relationship .It is but not possible to provide care without developing communication or relationship with the patients. Thats wherefore it is important as a carer to know how to build a relationship with the patients. Communication is about often more than just conversation. in that location are three forms of communication they are1. Contexts.2. Forms of communication.3. Alternative forms of communication.M1. Describe the forms of communication. straight off we will be looking at one of the forms of communication which is contexts. Some of the interpreters of contexts communication are1. ace to one.2. Groups.3. Formal and easy.4. With plenty using services.5 . Colleagues6. Managers.One to oneOne-to-one in communicationis the act of an individual communicating with another. It is also called face to face communication.Groups.Group communication refers to communication between 3 or more individuals.Informal.Informal communication is less defined by strict measures and is characterized by colloquial language.The Antonym of informal is formal where formal communication is associated with the mathematical function of official medical/scientific language in software documentation and to systematic policies and procedures. Both types of health information communication play important roles in shaping patient behaviour, ensuring patient safety and promoting the delivery of quality health.With people using services.It is legal to have a argent communication with the people using services and show them kindness so more people bathroom come and use your service in a suitable way.Mangers.Every company has a trough and the defecate of the mana gers is to manage the company and make sure everything is running as expected. Managers mostly interact with their employers and fool how far or how well they car doing the job.Colleagues.Colleagues are the people you work with let it be in a business area or other work places. Having a colleague is a good thing because you might feel more confident in talking to him.her.FORMS OF COMMUNICATION.This topic looks at forms of communication. There are galore(postnominal) forms of communication that people around the manhood use to communicate with others. They are1. literal communication.2. Non-verbal communication3. Written communication.Verbal and non-verbal communication.Verbal communication refers to the way someone communicates by using delivery to present thoughts, ideas and feelings. Basically verbal communication is the ability to explain and show your ideas clearly done the utter words. Unlike verbal communication, non-verbal communication refers to the messages people s end out to say their thoughts and ideas without talking. There are many a(prenominal) ways how non-verbal communications e.g.1. Body language.2. facial nerve expression.3. Touch or contact.4. scars symbols and pictures.Body language.Body language is a type of non-verbal communication where by is the way to communicate by using your body instead of talking. For example the way someone sits or stands which is called posture stern send messages. Head campaign and hand movement might also indicate that you are sending or passing out a message.Facial expression.Facial expression refers to the way someone communicates by using his or her face. We can often signalise how someone is feeling by looking at their face. For example if someone is happy there is a smile on her/his face. if someone is excited his/her eyes become wider.Touch or contact.Communicating through touch is another important nonverbal behavior. There has been a substantial amount of research on the importance of tou ch in infancy and early childhood. The deprivation of touch and contact impedes development. Touch can be used to communicate affection, familiarity, sympathy and other emotions.Signs, symbols and pictures.There are common signs and gestures that majority of people recognize without being taught. There are unalike types of signs that people and have a meaning. For example when wafture to someone that authority you are passing a message using signs. Symbols and pictures of all kind of different objects also communicate messages.Written communication.Written communication has great significance in todays world. It is an innovative activity of the mind.. Speech came before writing. But writing is more unique and formal than speech. trenchant writing involves careful choice of words, their organization in correct order in sentences formation as well as cohesive composition of sentences. Also, writing is more valid and reliable than speech. But charm speech is spontaneous, writing c auses delay and takes time as feedback is not immediate.Alternative forms of communication.There are many types of alternative forms of communication they are1. Sign language.2. Makaton.3. Braille.4. Technological aids.5. Human aids.Sign language.As we said introductory sign language is the use of your body parts like facial expression, position, movement of the hands and arms. Sign language is mostly used by the disable people who have bad hearing problem.Makaton phrase programme which uses signs and symbols to teach communication, language and literacy skills to people with communication and learning difficulties. It is designed to provide a means of communication to individuals who cannot communicate efficiently by speaking. Makaton has been effectively used with individuals who have cognitive impairmentsBraille.Braille is a system of writing for the blind consisting of raised shippings that can be interpreted by touch, each dot or group of dots representing a letter, numeral, or punctuation mark Braille was devised in 1821 by Louise Braille, a Frenchman..Technological aids.Basically a technological aid refers to the electronic aids people around the world use for communication. For examples mobile phones are used to pass messages from one person to another either by making calls or sending text messages. Computer is another technological aid that we use to do research and also for communication.Human aids.Human aids are special skilled people who help people communicate with eachother. Examples are1. Interpreters.2. Translators.3. Signers.Interpreters and spokespersons .Interpreters are people who translate orally, while a translator interprets written text. Both interpreting and translation presuppose a certain love of language and difficult knowledge of more than one tongue. The key skill of a very good translator is the ability to write well, to express him/her clearly in the target language. That is why professional translators almost always work i n only one direction, translating only into their native language. Even bilingual individuals rarely can express themselves in a given subject equally well in two languages.And many slight translators are far from being bilingual they may not be, and need not be, fluent speakers of the seed language (the language of the original text being translated). The key skills of the translator are the ability to experience the source language and the culture of the country where the text originated, and, using a good library of dictionaries and propagation materials, renders that material into the target language. An interpreter, on the other hand, has to be able to translate in both directions, without the use of any dictionaries, on the spot. .

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