Sunday, April 14, 2019

Marketing and Converse Question Essay Example for Free

Marketing and dialogue Question EssayNeed shelter for the feetWantsCheap shoes which are comfortable and customizable.Demands Emerging artists, designers and musicians wearing Chucks because of their affordability, simplicity and classic look. Now, anti-establishment rock fans accost discuss to feature a shoe by their favourite artist.Question 3Production apprehensionThe thought process that consumers will favour the products those are available and highly affordable, and the idea that the company focus on improving production and distribution efficiency.Product ConceptCostumers will favour the products that offer the most quality, proceeding and features. Therefore the company should focus on making constant product improvementsSelling ConceptThe idea that consumers will not buy enough of the products unless it undertakes a large-scale selling and promotion effort.Marketing apprehensionThe marketing philosophy that holds that achieving organizational goals depends on kno wing the needs and wants of target markets and delivering that desired satisfaction break down than competitors does. Almost every red Chuck converse sold goes to Global Fund.Question 4Converse sees its role as one of making great products that its costumers want to wear. Beyond that it participates in consumers discussions rather that dictating them. Drawbacks Converse rides a fine line How many limited editions and upscale design can the brand stool without losing its image as a non marketing marketer. How popular can the brand become without losing the core costumers who shaft the precisely because it isnt popularQuestion 5Converse has been very careful in all(prenominal) that it does to remember on very of the essence(p) things for a brand like Converse, where authenticity is the most important trait, the costumer experience should be driven by the costumer.

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