Friday, May 10, 2019

Organisations and Behaviour Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 1

Organisations and Behaviour - Essay recitation287). These norms and values determine the way the groups and people in organizationsinteract with each new(prenominal) within the organization and with other stakeholders outside the organization. Different organizations have vast cultures because they depend on the organizations nature of business. organizational culture influences a sense of identity to the employees,which in turn enhances commitment to something larger than the usual self. This paper will analyse a summative review of Siemens organizational mental synthesis and culture and comparability it with organizations. Comparing and contrasting different organizational structures and culture with that of SiemensCompany Siemens is the worlds largest electrical engine room and electronics gild whose headquarters is based in Germany and has branches that operates in 193 countries worldwide (Tung 2001, p. 183). Despite that the caller has operated internationally, it focus ed on the German home market until the 1990s when it restructured. This restructuring process meant that Siemens had to change its old organizational structure and culture towards a new and ethical one (Phillips & Gully 2012, p. 481). The new organizational structure and culture is thickening because Siemens is a diverse company situated in diverse locations in the world. Nevertheless, the company embraces the fuse of internal and external communication where semiformal strategy is utilized. More so, the leaders exercise and maintain a semi-formal attitude that encourages employees to communicate especially when considered that the company is diversifying far and wide towards other foreign markets. Wal-Mart is a renowned retail outlet in the world,whosestructure and culture were set by its break away Sam Walton. The founder had clear objectives for the companythat had to be achieved by adhering to values and principles. Wal-Marts organizational structure is designed in a way that it enables it to have a wide range of control because it clearly identifies employees and authority roles. More so, Wal-Mart maintains a good work environment that encourages the employees to have trust, which in turn enhances good customer services (Solomon 2004, p. 5).The company also has a strong organizational culture that depicts through its mission statement, which aims at providing better graphic symbol products at lower prices than any other competitor provides. This culture affects the companys business because it determines the prosperity of the business. orchard apple tree is a worlds outstanding high technology company based in the U.S. The structure of the company could be referred to as nonexistent because the company has no clear set principles. This means that, Apple makes its finale depending on the work at hand. The granted freedom allowed employees to make decisions at different levels and the corporate confidence had a hard task keeping track of spending and purchasing, an aspect that once affected Apples profitability (Dubrin 2012, p. 287). The culture of Apple Inc. is of a rare case because the company has no orbit of command that supervises the employees. This means that the employees are self-motivated hence, vigoring them to work hard because they do not have bosses to push them around. In comparison, the three organizational structures have a common similarity of creating a friendly working environme

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