Thursday, May 9, 2019

There Is No Such Thing as Rest Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

There Is No Such Thing as Rest - canvass ExampleIt is evidently clear from the discussion that the history of slaveholding in America goes back to the time of its disc everywherey by Christopher Columbus in the early 16th century. The discovery was followed by the invasion conduct by Spanish, British and French rulers who wanted to exploit the vast wealth of new world. They also brought the shipload of African slaves so that could have free labor to work in the fields and do new(prenominal) menial work. African tribal were initially captured from the west coast of Africa and later traded as slaves in the European market. They were skilled farmers and were also known for their artwork on metal and wood. Europeans exploited them by making them slaves and apply their skilled labor for free. Hence, when they were short of farm laborers in America, African slaves were brought to America, thereby starting the tradition of slavery in America. For centuries, whites have been enjoying t he free labor of slaves and have become used to treating the blacks as second-class citizens. thraldom was made into a full-fledged tradition with Africans and nonwhites becoming slaves for life. They were deprived of their rights to live in dignity vis--vis passably living condition, food, and education. When native population or American Indians as they were known as started to rebel, control over blacks became the major concern for the Whites. The conflict escalated into the famous 7 years war which finally concluded into American Revolution. Mantis asserts that American Revolution became the catalyst for the abolition of slavery. American Revolution was significant because it laid the invention for free democratic America, which promoted empowerment of the people.

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