Sunday, August 25, 2019

Social Impact of Technology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Social Impact of Technology - Essay Example and deforestation as a result of this insatiable need for paper (which resulted in environmental degradation) were sky high not to mention the untidiness associated with littered paper all over. With the age of computers however, people could now store a lot of information on tiny microchips that would have otherwise taken up truck-loads of papers in the ancient world. Computers have in this way single handedly saved our environments (Hintz & Hintz, 1983). World economies have also flourished because of these machines. Because of computers, there is now faster communication, better service delivery and exchange of currency through a plethora of network services and e-mails. Lucrative business engagements can now be initiated via Skype, for instance, or simply by sending mail at the click of a button. In addition, operational costs have been significantly reduced and businesses spend much less on communication unlike the old days when messengers had to be expensively hired and paid (Knowles, 1976). Education has been made much easier too. Almost all information and books are now found in the internet unlike in the past where learners had to contend with the mental drawbacks or visiting distant and paying for library fees and tuition to acquire basic information. One can now access almost all information from the comfort of their homes and send and receive feedback on various issues from other students without much hassle. Computers have in addition, improved the quality of education now offered in the modern school. Teachers are now free to focus on student development unlike in the past when one, for example, had to rush through a lecture in order to go and manually calculate scores for end-session evaluations and so on (Hintz & Hintz, 1983). Perhaps one of the grey areas concerning this fantastic innovation concerns its influence on relationships and morals where it can present both positive and wildly negative impacts. In as much as computers have allowed

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