Saturday, August 24, 2019

Has the Bush Administration made America more Safe as a Result of Research Paper

Has the Bush Administration made America more Safe as a Result of Exporting Democracy - Research Paper Example Export democracy bears semblance to colonization albeit in an indirect way. In medieval democracy, the Athenians, the French revolutionists, and the Russian Bolsheviks felt that the level of democracy and freedoms in their states was superior to that in the nations around themi. They, therefore, sought to influence and bring changes to the governments that neighbored them. In a way, the principle of export democracy played a role in instigating the process of colonization all over the world. For instance, Europe felt that their system of governance was the best and worth being assimilated world over. As history holds it, America adopted the western system of governance from its colonizers; it adopted its administrative system embedded on democracy with the freedom to vote and be voted for enjoyed by every citizen. With economic developments, the country became a world super power being both an economic power house and an epitome of political democracy. The feeling that the political system in the country had matured enough led the nation’s leader to believe that the system of government in the country was thus the best and could be adopted by other nations. In 1994, at the end of the Second World War, democracy was considered a giving to the Americans from the Europeans. The Italians were the major benefactors of this. When the Italian cities were being literally by the allied forces, a key participant of which was the United States, so did the reign of Nazi rule come to an end. The Nazi regime was an extremely authoritarian system that was led by a dictatorial leader; after its ousting, democracy was adopted in Italy instigated by Americans. The Italians incorporated democracy in their system of governance. It was a period of war it was not easily noticeable that the system of governance was being changed. In addition, the government could not resist the change since it had all its forces on the war front. For a country to completely change or influence the governance of a second nation, conflicts would arise leading to diplomatic ties being revoked. There are two ways through which a country influences the governance of anotherii. The first, which is diplomatic, is the imposition of conditions before giving out aid to the country. A superior economy would demand that certain changes be made in the system of governance before they send aid to the country. This has is used by governments even to date. The only condition that affects the use of this strategy is that the country that is to be changed has to be a weaker economy or in need of aid for these conditions to be met; this has always worked in the developing countries that always need aid the most yet they have the most autocratic systems of governance. The second strategy is the direct attack of a given government in an attempt to deliver the populace from the rule that is considered unfriendly. This would always lead to war and there would always be casualties. However, wit h international bodies at alert to object to such acts, the process would end up facing criticisms as a crime against. Furthermore, after all these, the preferred system would end up not being assimilated as in the long run the people are left to govern themselves. Bush’s Administration and Exercise of Export Democracy Bush was elected to office in 2001. His election was on a republican ticket. His

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