Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Lion Gate and Mask of Agamemnon Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 5

Lion Gate and Mask of Agamemnon - Research Paper Example Art of the Cyclades, on the other hand, prided itself on simplicity it consisted of craving of figurines in white marbles. Mask of Agamemnon and Lion Gate are two distinct examples of Aegean art. The two arts have various similarities and a number differences arising from their structural differences as the discussion below portrays. Discovered in1876 by Heinrich Schliemann, Mask of Agamemnon is a funeral mask. As explained earlier, Mask of Agamemnon was a type of Mycenaean art. Crafted from pure gold, the mask was a royal mask used to cover the face of a royalty possibly Agamemnon, a legendary Greek leader. The mask has adequate artistic details and shows all the facial features including eyebrows and wrinkles on the cheeks. Lion Gate is yet another iconic Mycenaean art. The artists employed a number of artistic and architectural design in creating a unique masterpiece of the time. The gate served both as a gate and as a sculpture. The artists portrayed their skills in the layering of the boulders and the subsequent ornamentation of the gate through sculptures and engravings of other features. Such additional features as confronting lionesses do not only beautify the gate but also enhance the stability and security of the gates. Key among the similarities between the two ancient Aegean Arts is the preciousness of the materials sued in their constructions. Mask of Agamemnon, for example, is made of pure gold.

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