Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Negotiation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Negotiation - Essay Example The activity of negotiation takes place in all spheres of personal as well as professional life. Negotiation takes place in personal events such as marriage, parenting and divorce in daily life. In various professional activities of business, legal matters, economic and financial decisions, negotiation brings about logic and counter logic as support system for decision making. Negotiation requires a pro-active action on the part of the negotiator which enables him to get his desired objective or goal (Fisher and  Ury, 2012, p.59). The individuals who are go-getters are able to negotiate well as they endorse their opinion with support logic that conquers any other counter logic. Rather than waiting for somebody else to take the initiative, a better and fruitful way of negotiation is to initiate the proceeding and control the course of discussion with the help of strong communication skills backed by logical reasoning. The process of negotiation is complete when an advantage over oth er opinion is achieved with the help of proactive action, strong communication skills and logical ability. ... The underlying roots that led to his ideas and opinions could only be clarified by the individual. The effects of the activity of negotiation are also known best to the individual. Since the course of discussion includes several opinions from the individuals in the group and is not a monologue, there will be diverse proposals on a certain topic from the participants (Hall, 1993, p.53). The acceptance of the ideas among all the group members is an activity of negotiation that needs clear and articulated approach of the participants engaged in the course of activity or discussion. The person needs to stand out of the crowd in terms of logical power and the ability of reasoning. A critical thought needs to be put on the process of bargaining and negotiation with others for acceptability of ideas (Spangle and  Isenhart, 2003, p.31). The power of reasoning that would put an individual ahead of others in the process of negotiation needs to be supported by strong communication skills. Wit h the help of excellent communication skills, the negotiation on desired matters could be carried out effectively. Finally a proactive approach needs to be implemented rather than waiting for other to take action in the process of bargain. A go-getter who is able to put forth his views and obtain a consensus on his proposals is able to attain advantage over others in the process of negotiation. Rationale for argument The rationale for the argument on negotiation that requires the essential qualities of a go-getter, strong communicator and a logical person has been explained as follows. A proactive approach is required for endorsing the strategic choice of the individual in the process of negotiation because if the pro-active step is not taken, it would lead to some

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