Sunday, November 17, 2019

Answer question Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Answer question - Essay Example Some of the Senators opposed it simply because of party politics which led them to believe Wilson had no leadership skills. There were several characteristics associated with the progressive era including a need for purification of the government, issues of women suffrage and their need to end as well as being prohibited. There was also a need to focus on the important values in society which included education and focusing much on the family. The progressive era also sought modernization of the country. Roosevelt wanted the federal government to take control of the corporations so that they can protect the consumers as well as conserve the corporations themselves. Taft let the others make decisions on progressive such as increasing tariffs, opening up land for private use among other things. Wilson reduced the tariffs especially the import fees, there was a new income tax, and there was introduction of new Federal Reserve notes and an introduction of central bank in 12 regional reserve districts among other reforms. Progressive era opened up colleges for women making them enter the male dominated job markets as clerics, typists, lawyers and even doctors and journalists. This followed their role in social work and especially where they were teaching the immigrants proper and decent ways to behave and earn wages without being taken advantage of by the men. After they became properly educated, they started advocated for more of their rights and freedom from male shadows and they were helped by the women in professional jobs. Freedom according to women was to be allowed to work and venture outside of their homes like the men; others defined it as being offered equal wages to the men in the same field while to others freedom constituted not being offered lower class jobs and being sexually undermined in the workplaces. Among the successes included the reunification of the unions

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