Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Plato Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Plato - Assignment Example Plato’s thoughts and theories have been used to teach many subjects, from religion to mathematics. Plato’s dialogues, in which he addressed almost all controversial philosophical topics of his time, have become the bread and butter of modern philosophers. The dialogues contain critical and thought-provoking analyses of intricate subjects, some of which were considered â€Å"untouchable† at the time. However, the application of the dialogues is not restricted to philosophy (Pojman and Vaughn 34). Any normal person can use the thoughts they contain to develop or enhance critical thinking skills and to gain a clear perspective of life. For instance, the Apology, the Symposium, the Cratylus, and the Phaedrus can be used to improve students’ critical thinking capacities and encourage them to consider philosophy as a crucial aspect of life. Plato’s teachings embody the triumphs of the human race in trying to harness the power of the mind (Pojman and Vaughn 26). They also represent the endless possibilities and capacities of human intellect, and encourage us to question and debate everything around

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