Thursday, November 21, 2019

Database in arcGIS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Database in arcGIS - Essay Example As we have seen throughout this course, GIS is literally the picture that’s worth a thousand (or more) words. It’s little wonder that the use of GIS technology has expanded so exponentially since its initial development. In the case of the ACHS, the requirements required by the client are in keeping with their needs—and more. The truth is, ArcGIS can provide not only a more robust system for their currently applications, but considering the potential for growth, the proposed system would be unmatched. The growth of the GIS industry has resulted in a trend from an esoterically inclined group of computer geeks working on mainframes, to the common user on desktop computers. This trend will benefit the ACHS a great deal, not only allowing them to collect, store, and visualize their own information in a better format, but will give visitors to the ACHS a portal that will allow the most inexperienced user to benefit from the data available. It is also fortunate that the tool being suggested for use is Arc GIS, which is a full complement of GIS tools in one package. The net result of using ArcGIS for this application is the ability it will give a wide variety of users to work with the available data on their level of need as well as being within their ability to use the tool. Land use change studies. Land use data layers will allow city planners and others to see changes in the use of land through time. Assuming that the data available is accurate, those responsible for creating and maintaining datasets should find their tasks considerably easier. the historical datasets. These records will make keeping track of these persons/businesses easier and of greater value. This benefit is not only good for those who want to find long-lost relatives, but queries for a more general nature that can trace period history. City visualization. GIS

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